About me

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I am the author of Drama, literatura, filosofía: Itinerarios del realismo y el modernismo europeos (Madrid: Fundamentos, 2015) and Despistemes’: La teoría literaria y cultural de Emil Volek (Madrid: Verbum, 2018). Reviews of these books have appeared in academic journals AnagnórisisTropelíasJournal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics, 452F, Literatura: Teoría, Historia, Crítica and América sin Nombre. I just published my third book, Baroque Lorca: An Archaist Playwright for the New Stage (New York: Routledge, 2020). You can enjoy limited free access to Baroque Lorca on Google Books.

My fields of interest are European modernism, world literature, and literary theory.

Recent news:

(July 2020) Theatralia has just published an interview with Emil Volek and myself about our English translation of “The Dramatic Illusion” (PMLA, 2019) a fragment of Otakar Zich’s Aesthetics of Dramatic Art (1931). This is the first time that this part of Zich’s treatise is available in English language. The interview was conducted by Tomáš Kačer (Masaryk University).

(April 2020): My essay “Intertextuality and Autonomous Fictional Worlds in Disney: The Case of Moana (2016)” just came out in Theatralia.

(February 2020): You can now read Vicent Moreno’s review of my book ‘Despistemes’ in América sin nombre.